Biographical Information
Full name: Alexandria Ramsey
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Alex
Relationship Information
Friends: Phoebe Noland (Best Friend) Zayday Williams
Grace Gardner
Hester Ulrich
McKenzie Armstrong
Frenemies: Kandi Wollingsworth
Kaycee Perez
Other Information
Interests: Horror movies

Supernatural (TV Show)

Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau
Series Information
Season(s): 1
Episode count: 1
First appearance: Welcome Back
Latest appearance: Unknown
Portrayed by: Lucy Hale

Alexandria Ramsey is one of the pledges in Kappa Kappa Tau, her first appearance is in Welcome Back. Alexandria is first seen with Phoebe at Kappa Kappa Tau

Early Life

Alexandria grew up in an uptight family, Alexandria was also to be expected to be a girl like Chanel or Kandi, but Alexandria was also an outcast in school, Alexandria was goth. She wore darker colours than most others. Alexandria is obsessed with supernatural stuff and is studying ghost science in Wallace Universty.

Welcome Back!