When Mona Kathy Bay's dad is told to go to a Horror Movie reunion camp, due to the fact that he's a security agent. she meets her favorite actors and actresses with her sister. She swims in the pool. She meets a boy, life is going great. Until a Bear suited murderer sneaks into the heavily guarded camp and closes off all communication. Will she be able to help the Actors and Actresses? Find out!

Billie Lourd as Mona a Sarcastic Main Character who is obsessed with Horror Movies
Keke Palmer as Shirley a genuinely nice African American independent woman, horror movie actress.
Emma Roberts as Luciele a Wise drunk who is in the 3 bitches
Skyler Samueals as Tyra a Queen Bee of Kilika, she is apart of the 3 Bitches, and is a horror movie actress
Diego Boneta as Ricardo adopted Child of Alyssa, he is nice but is shady.
Abigail Breslin as Colleen A Dumb girl who was "The Final Girl," She is apart of the 3 Bitches
Ariana Grande as Amy A sassy girl who is Mona's sister. She sings, sometimes and has a heart of gold.
Oliver Hudson as Mac A Security guard, trying his hardest to stop the killer but still keep a family life.
Lea Michele as Tonya She is a nice girl and is friends with Shirley, she will try her hardest to do the right thing.
Nicey Nash as Alyssa a secuirity guard who has a crush on Mac, and the adoptive Mom of Ricardo

unknown as The Red Cougar Hell bent on revenge