Emily Miller is the supposed daughter of the miller family who are rich millionaires that aren't far from the radwell family fortune, She is known as a supposed new chanel 7.

Emily cornelia Miller
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: April 25th 1990
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Pet(s): Poodle
Other Information
Interests: Math
Talent(s): Singing
Education: Good
Series Information
Season(s): Unknown


Emily was born in a hospital known for where rich babies come from, She was responsible for being rich..but getting bored with it afterwards, Emily at the age 5 was known for being quite annoying and at one point was chanel's childhood best friend and confide.

During the next year's she grew out of being spoiled and turned into a well-known singer who never used her voice except when in the shower in the story emily pledged to kappa kappa tau after chanel's reign of tyranny.

At first emily seemed mean and commanding but in fact turned into a nice and gentle leader, Emily now commanded a cleanup on all kappa activities that used mean "words"


Throughout the fanfiction series she'll be portrayed REALLY mean and rude but later will become an actually good person


  • Zayday: Emily seems to actually be mixed with zayday, She hates her trying to take command but thinks she could fill out better laws elsewhere
  • Chanel 5: Emily's dislike for chanel 5 was mostly because of her being a blind follower each time she had to put up with her and was disgusted by the death of 5's grandmother.
  • Grace Gardner: Gardner and emily interact with eachother like sisters, Though she agrees with her most of the time
  • Chanel 2: Emily was mad at chanel 2 hitting on her boyfriend
  • Chanel Oberlin: Chanel oberlin and emily miller were old child-hood friends who constantly hung around eachother, Oberlin and emily disagree on leadership alot now.
  • Hester Ulrich: Emily is friends with Hester even after knowing of her being the killer, Hester  gave her tips on helping with kappa and designing a new system.