Invites is the first episode of Scream Queens: Massacre at a Mansion.

When everyone from Kappa Kappa Tau are given invites to a party hosted by the Casey Corporation to be held at the family manor, everyone enters and gets introduced to the Casey Brothers and some of their workers. The first death occurs.


Years ago, a woman unable to pay off a debt is forced to hand over her young child to an inidentified individual.

27 years later, 2 Years after the murders at the C.U.R.E Institute, invites to a celebration are given to the remaining survivors, for a party at the Casey Family Mansion, everyone is also invited to spend the next 2 weeks at the manor in preparation for the party.

Chanel Oberlin is the first to arrive, with Sadie Swenson, otherwise known as Chanel #3. Chanel has earned her fortune back after becoming a successful TV Doctor with Chanel #3 as her executive producer. Zayday Williams and Libby Putney, otherwise known as Chanel #5, also arrive, after they were left the C.U.R.E Institute, they have become successful doctors. Cathy Munsch also arrives, followed by Denise Hemphill and Daria Jenssen.

The owner of the manor, Maurice Casey, welcomes everyone alongside the family butler, Alfred, and introduces them to his sons, Blake, David and Cody. Libby takes a liking to Blake due to his kindness, but soon realizes that he is married, due to the wedding ring on his finger. Blake convinces Libby to stand up for herself and even go by her real name rather than going by Chanel #5.

During dinner, Maurice realizes that one of the guests is yet to arrive, a knock at the door reveals the last guest to be Grace Gardner, a former mental patient who, after her release, became a successful model.

Other guests arrive, such as Mandy Pinewood, a spoilt rich girl obsessed with Blake, and her 2 minions, Jade and Staci.

In his office, Maurice goes through mail when he finds a drawing of a spider in one of the envelopes.

In the basement, Jade encounters Grace, but feels uneasy due to Grace's history as a mental patient. Grace assures Jade that she has nothing to worry about. The two talk for a bit before they are attacked by someone with a black costume and a machete. Jade is killed while Grace is let live.


Character Cause of Death
Jade East Stabbed with a machete by the Black Widow

This is chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Black Widow.
Character Situation
Grace Gardner Attacked by the Black Widow, let live.

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