McKenzie Armstrong is one of the pledges in Kappa Kappa Tau, her first appearance is in Welcome Back.

McKenzie Armstrong
Biographical Information
Full name: McKenzie Armstrong
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Kenzie
Relationship Information
Friends: Phoebe Noland (best friends)
Kandi Wollingsworth
Ruby Ostrander
Kaycee Perez
Alexandria Ramsey
Zayday Williams
Grace Gardner
Hester Ulrich
Other Information
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau
Series Information
Season(s): 1
Episode count: 1
First appearance: Welcome Back
Latest appearance: Unknown
Portrayed by: Zendaya

Early Life

McKenzie grew up in a pretty normal family, one mother, one father and two sisters. McKenzie was the eldest out of the three. McKenzie is a legacy of Kappa Kappa Tau, her mother was a sister during 1995. McKenzie's mother was fond of the idea of McKenzie going to KKT as it all the females in the family went to Kappa Kappa Tau.

Welcome Back!