Scream Queens: Massacre at a Mansion is an upcoming fanfic based on the Scream Queens TV Series.


When multiple people are invited to spend a week at the Casey Manor, a manor inhabited by one of the richest business families in America, they think everything will go brilliantly, but a new killer, calling themselves 'Black Widow', starts killing people, the result is a new game of survival.


Returning Characters

  • Chanel Oberlin-A successful TV Doctor
  • Grace Gardner-A released mental patient turned hat model
  • Libby Putney/Chanel #5-A successful doctor and owner of the C.U.R.E Institute
  • Sadie Swenson/Chanel #3-The executive producer for Chanel's show
  • Zayday Williams-A successful doctor and owner of the C.U.R.E Institute
  • Cathy Munsch-A successful sex therapist
  • Hester Ulrich-A convicted serial killer
  • Dr. Brock Holt-A former surgeon turned convicted serial killer
  • Denise Hemphill-An FBI Special Agent
  • Daria Janssen/Chanel #8-After having her condition cured, she has become a successful beauty guru

New Characters

  • Blake Casey-The eldest Casey brother, he works with stock and retail at the Casey Corporation.
  • David Casey-The middle Casey brother, he works in human resources and security at the Casey Corporation.
  • Cody Casey-The youngest Casey brother, he works in FAQ's and Customer Service at the Casey Corporation.
  • Emily Casey-Blake's wife.
  • Bridgette Lynns-Cody's girlfriend.
  • Sara Laura-David's fiancée.
  • Mandy Pinewood-A spoilt rich girl obsessed with Blake.
  • Jade East-One of Mandy's entourage with a crush on David.
  • Staci Kessler-One of Mandy's entourage with a crush on Cody.
  • Gideon Sylvanne-The Casey brothers' cousin with a perverted obsession for Emily, Bridgette and Sara.
  • Megan Declan-Emily's abusive mother.
  • Jack Declan-Emily's father.
  • Mona Adams-Sara's gothic friend with an obsession for vampire novels.
  • Richard Ambrose-A tech geek with a crush on Mona.
  • Willow Nero-The Casey brothers' bizzare cousin, known for always carrying around an umbrella.
  • Jacob Gallagher-A professional motorcycle rider training to join the X Games.
  • Diane June-A wannabe news anchor.
  • Bryce Sebastian-One of Emily's stalkers.
  • Dexter Michaelis-One of Emily's stalkers.
  • Maurice Casey-The Casey brothers' father.
  • Alfred Tracey-The Casey family butler.
  • Hector Garza-The mansion gardener.
  • Black Widow-The serial killer


1 Invites When everyone from Kappa Kappa Tau are given invites to a party hosted by the Casey Corporation to be held at the family manor, everyone enters and gets introduced to the Casey Brothers and some of their workers. The first death occurs.
2 TBA With a murderer on the loose, everyone is unsure of what to do as more guests arrive.
3 TBA Everyone is shocked by the appearances of 2 old faces. More deaths occur.
4 TBA Zayday and Denise make a discovery about the Casey Family.
5 TBA When someone is murdered by The Black Widow, someone decides to make the ultimate sacrifice.
6 Greenhouse A letter to someone sends them to their death, a shocking revelation about The Black Widow is revealed.
7 TBA A news reporter comes to investigate the dissappearances of several people at the manor. Meanwhile, everyone votes for who they think the killer is.
8 TBA Maurice tries to figure out who the killer is. A video sent by the Black Widow leads to another death.
9 TBA The killers join together to put their final plan into effect.
10 Survival After more attacks, only one killer is left.
11 Execution The last killer reveals everything that happened from the beginning.

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