Scream Queens : History
Season 1, Episode 01
Air date: September 2016
Written by: ThisIsTaboada
Directed by: ThisIsTaboada
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Scream Queens : History is an ongoing Lego-comic fanfic written by ThisIsTaboada. It will have volumes and issues arranged in 20-deck strip in every issue.


Volume One: Fake Sisterhood

Follow the story of a boring school girl named Dee Oberlin, as she enters a world of fake sisterhood and an unexpected pregnancy.

Volume Two: Goodbyes

Slut Squad will say goodbye to each other, as they choose their own paths; being a mother, being a sorority president, and being a murderer.

Volume Three: Birth



This Lego-comic style of fanfiction was first used in The Walking Dead : The Hearts' Desire [1] which was published in another wiki. Now, that style will be brought here and translate a history of Scream Queens, how sluts became sluts.


These are the list of characters from Volume One upto the current volume.

Character Volume One Volume Two Volume Three Status
Dee Oberlin Main Cast Main Cast Alive
Charisma Herfmann Main Cast Main Cast Main Cast Alive
Susan Luther Main Cast Main Cast Main Cast Alive
Cassandra Munsch Recurring Cast Deceased
Gigi Caldwell Recurring Cast Recurring Cast Unknown
Alexander David Recurring Cast Main Cast Unknown
Pink Whore Guest Cast Main Cast Alive
Blue Whore Guest Cast Main Cast Alive
Black Whore Guest Cast Main Cast Alive
Roberto Boyle Guest Cast Guest Cast Unknown
Sid Putney Guest Cast Guest Cast Guest Cast Alive
Olivia Putney Guest Cast Guest Cast Alive
Chanel Oberlin Main Cast Unborn


Character Volume Cause of Death Attacked by
Cassandra Munsch 1x03 - The Red Queen Decapitated The Red Queen


Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three

"Fake Sisterhood" "Goodbyes" "Birth"

Volume Issue Date Published Strips
Volume One : Fake Sisterhood 1. "Slut Squad" September 10, 2016 20

A boring girl named Dee and her new friend Charisma will be forced to join in a fake sisterhood that will change their lives forever.

2. "Plans" September 5, 2016 20

Now that Dee and Charisma is involved in a fake sisterhood, their world will become larger, as they meet people and uncover a plan.

3. "The Red Queen" September 15, 2016 20

When the Lez watches her lesbian movies, the Red Queen will do the thing. "Off with your head!".

4. "Beauty and the Bitch" September 25, 2016 20

Lez's death will be paid - as what Susan said. And by that, she means executing Charisma through a game she calls Beauty and the Bitch.

5. "True Colors" September 25, 2016 20

Dee will see his true color shining through, and an (un)expected news will be announced.

6. "Chanel" September 30, 2016 20

The Slut Squad will become a true sisterhood, a sisterhood Dee never expected to happen. As they discuss the future of Dee's baby, Susan came up with a brilliant name.

Volume Two : Goodbyes 7. "Far Away" October 2016 20

Dee will leave Slut Squad to find the love of her life. Gigi will leave Slut Squad for her dream to be the national president of a sorority group. But someone warned them that if they will leave, they will die.

8. "Dreams" October 2016 20


9. "Uncovered" October 2016 20


10. "Her Worst Nightmare" October 2016 20


11. "Perfect Match" TBA 20


12. "The Future" TBA 20


Volume Three : Birth 13. "The Slut is Down" TBA 20


14. "Cathy Munsch" TBA 20


15. "TBA" TBA 20


16. "TBA" TBA 20


17. "TBA" TBA 20


18. "TBA" TBA 20



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