Chunelle introducting herslef and the Chunelles.


Chunelle Faiv tells Chunelle that the Dean wants to see her.The Dean tells Chunelle to kill herself.


Grááchii and Zeiday become besties.Grááchii's father tells Grááchii that he wants incest with her.Cháád and #DEDGAIBUN tell Chunelle to kill herself.Cháád tells Chunelle that be having sex with #DEDGAIBUN.


The new pledges arrive at the Káppá house.The Dean and Guggay gets them a girl who can do both.


Chunelle tells Masasbuin that she will kill her.Pit and Grááchii fall in love with eachother.


Chunelle burns Masasbuin's face off as the other girls watching.Chunelle Twoo wants to post it so it can become a meme while Chunelle and the other Chunelles do a blood oath to prevent anyone else to get to know that Chunelle murdered Masasbuin.


When Chunelle Twoo is about to post that Chunelle murdered Masasbuin,the Rod Düval kills her.


Chunelle Thri and Faiv bury the pledges in order to get them killed.While they are buried,Tiftiriff suggest them to sing a song,but the others refuse.Shortly after,Tiftiriff's head gets showen off with a lawn mover by the Rod Düval.


Flashback that shows the death of Chunelle Foara.

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