The ghost of Kappa was an old legend about a beautiful girl.


The ghost of Kappa was a beautiful elegant young girl who wanted nothing but to join kappa kappa tau, Due to its offensive history back then she couldn't join because she wasn't perfect...the next day she tried to fix herself and made things much worse..once she was accepted she was supposed to work on hell week..but her working got doubled.

While the other pledges laughed at her they ended up making the girl go downstairs with a bucket filled with soap water, While it was dripping she went down the first step and slipped! She fell down the stairs before her neck broke, The maid found her and could only hide her body..she hid it down there..due to the girl not being noticed much nobody really cared about her death, The ones who did only thought she got herpes.

Even then nobody used the basement much already. All the girls were upstairs. It was this day that the Ghost of Kappa struck. At least a few months before the series. The ghost of Kappa murdered the kappa president Emilio White. She had stabbed her fifteen times.

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