The KKT Diaries is a fanfiction created by Tom Dylan.


Imagine if in Scream Queens, there was no Red Devil. No killings, no kidnappings and no bloodbaths. What would Scream Queens be? Find out in this fanfiction. Grace Gardner goes to college and along with her friend Zayday, they pledge for KKT. But when Grace discovers how cruel KKT is, she decides to change that. But it will be hard for her, because in a place like KKT, nothing is what it seems.


The KKT Diaries S01 - Opening

The KKT Diaries S01 - Opening

Opening of S01


Image Title Original Airdate
KKT Pledges 1. "The New Girl" December 19th, 2015

Grace Gardner joins KKT, but as soon as she meets Chanel Oberlin, she starts thinking: Is it really worth it?

BathtubBaby 2. "Don't Get Caught" December 19th, 2015

Chad and Chanel #2 try their best to not get caught. Hester tries to get attention from Chanel. Grace discovers a horrible secret. Pete tries to investigate KKT, and Wes meets Gigi, leaving Dean Munsch jealous.