The Curse of the Sharpy Chainsaw
Season 01, Episode 01
Air date: August 28th, 2016
Written by: Tom
Directed by: Tom
Production code: TRAGS-101
Episode Guide
The Groovy Town
The Curse of the Sharpy Chainsaw is the first installment of the first season of The Random Ass Ghost Stories.


Whilst investigating the death of a local killer, a hottie student called Sonya Herfmann uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, Sharpy Chainsaw circulating throughout Kappa Kappa Nu. As soon as anyone uses the Chainsaw, he or she has exactly 666 days left to live. Sonya gets hold of the Chainsaw, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash into her mind. Believing the superstition, Sonya teams up with the best detective in town, Inspector Gadget, and both pursue a quest of uncovering the meaning of the visions.



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