Everyone's gonna look suspicious. You just need to really look to find out if the Kappa girls are who they say they are.
—Mrs. Gasoline, author of Vive La Kappa

Vive La Kappa is a slasher miniseries fanfiction written by Mrs. Gasoline, starring Hillary Duff, Grace Phipps, Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario, and Maisie Williams. Much darker and more blood-shed than Scream Queens, it tells the story of five sorority girls, two of which are new to Wallace University, and how there were no reasons for killings in the 1990s. But.. it was fun.


Set as a prequel to the original series Scream Queens, Vive La Kappa stars Bethany Stevens, Mandy Greenwell, Coco Cohen, Sophia Doyle, and Amy Meyer as they navigate their way through Kappa Life.. with a deadly twist. Behold the original killing spree, 20 years before there was a Red Devil, before there were motives. Because now, no one's safe and no one's sorry.

Sneak Peek

Coco Cohen, Bethany Stevens, and Mandy Greenwell lightly swayed to the rap music, popping their lips together as they danced ditzly, obviously drunk. “I bet you can’t pick up a lesbian,” Coco drunkenly commented, grinning at Bethany, finishing her glass of champagne.

“No one can pick up a lesbian, Coke,” Mandy replied to her best friend and newest Kappa member, having joined just 2 weeks ago. She ruffled her blonde hair, before silently daring them to come onto the piano.

“You mean dyke?” Bethany chimed in, snorting as she shoved her 20th shot of wine into her mouth, sticking her tongue out as she danced on the vanilla-colored piano. “Where our our newest recruits, Mandie?” Bethany asked, glaring at Mandy, which meant to her, ‘get them now’.

Mandy stared back intoxicatedly, before stumbling in her heels across the crowd. “What was your names, Gretchen and Weiner?” Mandy asked to no one but herself, a deep-throated laugh escaping her lips. “That would make a good movie,” Mandy whispered.

“Come on, little Kappa bitches. That bitch Beth wants you.. She stole my boyfriend. Wouldn’t it be fun to kill all of you?” Mandy let a free flow of thoughts leave her mind, her blue eyes wide open as she looked for the new pledges.

Hearing a scream from Bethany, Mandy automatically popped her lips and rolled her eyes. But it was nothing to ignore, rather, or to play dumb about, what Mandy did for most of the time Bethany screamed or made a noise in general.

But instead of rolling her eyes, Mandy screeched as well, screeching so high that one of champagne glasses broke, it's glass floating around on the floor.

It wasn't just one dead body... It was two.

And both of them were pledges.


Main Cast

  • Hillary Duff as Bethany Stevens
  • Grace Phipps as Mandy Greenwell
  • Taissa Farmiga as Coco Cohen
  • Alexandra Daddario as Amy Meyer
  • Maisie Williams as Sophia Doyle

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