Zayday Williams
Biographical Information
Full name: Zaday Williams
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Friends: Grace Gardner(best friend)
Hester Ulrich
McKenzie Armstrong
Alexandria Ramsey
Ruby Ostrander
Phoebe Noland
Jenna Howley
Nicole Watt
Frenemies: Kandi Wollingsworth
Kaycee Perez
Other Information
Interests: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series)
How to Get Away with Murder (TV series)
Being President
Oakland Nachos
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau
Series Information
Season(s): 2
Episode count: 14
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Unknown
Portrayed by: Keke Palmer

Early Life

Zayday is one of the surviving people from the 2015 Red Devil Massacre, both Grace and Zayday learnt of the identity of the Red Devil, Zayday lived with her grandma before going to Wallace University in 2015.

Welcome Back!

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